Hi there, I’m Kim!
I spend my time designing things at Instacart where I tackle & champion all things related to Growth and Core Experience.
I like adventuring of all kinds,  procrastinating on my writing, tinkering with my side projects, and Eames, my dog. And fruit loops.
In another life I practiced architecture, flipped my first house, and got wide-eyed about being an astronaut (I still do).


Some projects I’ve worked on:
Instacart’s new user experience, showing first time users the value of Instacart.
Coin (acquired by Fitbit), app & hardware device enabling multiple payment channels.
Tulip Retail, an iPad point of sale system designed for in-store retail experiences.


Some things I’ve written about:
Looking Back at Portfolio Design
An Open Letter to the Design Minded about the Design Studio Process
User Research Tools


Random, but useful things I care about:
Books I’m Reading